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I kept telling her we were going to miss dinner in the dining room and she said "what would you rather do eat or ****".

******* won out and we screwed until 10 pm and I left.

By now I had been drinking for about 4 hours and I wasn't feeling any pain at all and all I could think of was "I wonder if I can get ****** on this cruise?

" I knew the odds were going to be in my favor if I didn't set my sights too high since so far since boarding I hadn't seen 20 men between the ages of 21 and and my age which was 54.

My wife said we would have to cancel the cruise because she couldn't be gone for 7 days while her mother was in the hospital.

This was my first time aboard anything larger than my 17 foot aluminum boat so I was amazed at the enormity of a cruise ship.

She was an attractive middle aged woman from Texas and she was also cruising alone.

We talked a few minutes and I just boldly ask "your place or mine" and she said "yours".

When I explained that with such short notice we probably couldn't expect any refund at all so my wife insisted that I go alone.

I didn't argue at all because I really wanted to get away, with or without her.

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