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Supporting your immune system with Defence can help the body attack viruses like herpies and influenza Each bottle contains 90 pills.(take 1 pill daily or 6 pills daily during acute symptoms) contains: * Elderberry extract * Echinacea extract * Vitamin C * zinc -------------------------------­- Shipping fee is combined, for an unlimited amount of items.Women does the same for men but wonders how long and thick his P*nis is . An addiction is "a pathological relationship with a mood-altering substance, item, thing, etc."That said, you are watching pathology up close and personal. The word "excuse" simply doesn't apply, but there isn't a much better word. In this sexual addiction, the man sees women as good and bad--Madonna's and whores. In the chase of the new partner, he longs for the good mother. The Casanova Complex of having affairs is more than a way of acting sexually--it is sexual addiction where a major portion of time the man's time is spent thinking about and pursuing sexual activities. Trachtenburg, who says he has this disorder says, "Any behavior that is used to anesthized pain is likely to become addictive." The need to womanize is a disorder of the feelings characterized by a man's compulsive and addictive--pursuit and abandonment of women or by symbolic flight through infidelity and multiple relationships." The man who has sexual addiction cannot allow feeling the deep pain within and his primary drug of choice becomes women.

Tremendous need to control situations, conversations, others.

Plz can anyone explain what a sex addiction is as an EX used that as an excuse to cheat.

Would joining a dating site the day we split be considered a part of the " addiction" so to speak !!

It's really a very logical word to use to explain why an addict pursues his or her mood-altering substance of choice, as painfully ironic as it may be.

You could substitute the word "explain" for "excuse" but then it boils down to action, rather than words, anyway.

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