Google music mobile not updating validating xml documents against xml schema

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Google music mobile not updating

I already tried some of the solutions provided on other threads with no success (Uninstall, reboot, reinstall...

but sadly the Windows-like solution does not work on Android).

I understand bugs can be hard to solve as I am a mobile developer for both platforms myself but when you are facing Premium users who are paying to use the app you must at least communicate.

Also the app on Android silently fails (Toast) just telling you the song is not available but not why.

If you can't find music you've recently purchased or added to your library, you may need to refresh the Amazon Music app.

Select My Music to find music you've downloaded to your device through the Amazon Music app and to access your music library categories--Artists, Albums, Songs, Playlists, etc.

"Music from your computer that you can sync to your i Pod, i Phone or Android" (so you can't sync on your i Pad I think... So what I did is add a new source for local files in my Music folder in a brand new folder called Spotify so this is here ~/Music/Spotify.

Second, on my Android if I go in the playlist, the songs are here but are disabled (displayed in grey) and if I select one of them it says "This song is not available".

So my questions are: - Can we have someone at Spotify clearly stating what is going on? If you can't support this feature anymore just tell it, I don't care, but spending time trying to get it working pisses me off (though I am usually nice with apps that are not working).

I don't want the answer "I know someone at spotify who is working on the bug".

Mark the playlist containing this song for Offline sync on your computer or on this i Pad. = in which way making a LOCAL file available OFFLINE on MY computer will help sync it to my device? Watch as your song magically appears on your i Pad = That's the problem when using magic skills you have to learn the formula exactly otherwise it fails short. I am a Spotify Premium user since 2012, and I already had this feature working in the past on i OS.

Syncing local files to mobile device isn't making it automatically offline? Today it doesn't work on both platforms (I tested on a Nexus 5 and an i Phone 5 and an i Pad 4th G).

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