Free dirty chat edmonton

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Free dirty chat edmonton

"When you're at your best, it reminds us and challenges us to be at ours. (We know Trump's position on that issue.) Meanwhile, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is trying to roll back America's weed laws to Reefer Madness days.

So thank you all for your tireless work."Where are we? Over the border, Trudeau, who admits he smoked pot after being elected to Parliament, campaigned on legalizing it across Canada. Trudeau is urging American cities and states to work with their northern neighbors to cut emissions.

Two of the best professional wrestling broadcasters of all time, Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, strolled down memory lane on Pro-Wrestling Wednesday on 92-9 The Game​ this week with Beau Le Blanc.

Ross talks about recruiting and mentoring young wrestlers like John Cena, Dave Bautista & Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

What better way to usher in fall than with a stellar Oktoberfest celebration in Atlanta.

Trudeau's foreign minister is Chrystia Freeland, a Canadian of Ukrainian descent who is banned in Putin's Russia."Our support for Ukraine, including militarily, is something that stands us very clearly on the ' Russia is an unhelpful actor in the world' side of the dynamic," Trudeau tells me.

On a recent summer afternoon, Trudeau takes off his suit jacket and we settle into two ornate chairs in a corner of his Parliament Hill office.

The first is self-praise for cutting taxes on the middle class and raising them on the one percent.

"We've given nine out of 10 families more money each month to help with the costs of raising their kids," Trudeau says.

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As we chat, he smiles and locks in with his blue eyes, but Trudeau, whose mother's side is of Scottish descent, swats away all Trump-baiting questions with a look that says, "Not today, laddie."He is always pushing his product: a kind but muscular Canada.