Face to face hot cams

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Face to face hot cams

Free membership is only for a limited time so act now. Submit your best photo with our name in it and you will get a FREE LIFETIME membership. DO NOT USE HAMMER WITHOUT A SOFTER MATERIAL BETWEEN THE HAMMER AND THE NUT).to gently persuade the bolt to move by tapping on the nut.the bolt is out far enough to get your channel lock pliers BEHIND the head of the bolt, you can tap the jaws of the pliers with your mallet to remove the bolt all of the way.With the Honda 400EX it is possible to install this camshaft without removing the engine from the frame Break-in of this camshaft is VERY important and you should adhere to the procedure to the letter. Remove them from both sides and slide the front plastics forward, over the bumper and let it come to rest.A phosphate coating is used to assist with break-in, it will change color in the wear areas of the camshaft as it breaks-in. There is no need to remove the front plastics completely.Maintaining the valve adjustment will be paramount to the durability and longevity of the camshaft, rocker arms, and valves. 10mm Socket, preferably a 1/4 drive and a 3/8 drive 12. There are two bolts in this area, remove them both.Following a regular maintenance schedule is always the best way to ensure durability and performance over the long run. recommends the purchase of a new cylinder head cover gasket and cam chain tensioner gasket, but these items are not included in the camshaft box. Make sure the ATV is cleaned thoroughly before you separate the head cover. Next, remove the two straps near the rear of the gas tank and pull the breather line out of the handlebars. Located the fuel line coming from the petcock on the gas t tank (right behind the fuel selector) going to the carburetor, release the clip and remove it from the gas tank nipple.

This will prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine once we remove the head cover. Remove the spark plug wire and head cover vent tube and tappet covers.

It would be advisable to use an engine degreaser on the frame and the engine where particles may fall into the open engine. Location of the tank to carb fuel line and removing the clip.

This will help ensure a clean engine during the assembly process and less of a chance of thread damage and/or dirt in the engine during reassembly. A set of metric allen wrenches or T-handle wrenches. With the fuel line removed, you should be able to lift the gas tank from the frame.

This will take some doing as the engine will probably have settled a little in the frame.

Start by loosening the 14mm nut from on right hand side of the engine, using the 14mm box end wrench to prevent the bolt from turning. Next, use your dead-blow mallet (or hammer and wood..

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