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So – what can you do today to take some action towards a goal? I guarantee you that by taking action and DOING SOMETHING (no matter how small) you will come out feeling positive, enthused and energized – so do it now! The IP address associated with the site is, and there are 4 other websites sharing the same server.Coming from a business background I’ve studied many strategies about what it takes to make a business successful and I’ve always been a firm believer that one of the simplest & most important secrets to success in any discipline is ACTION. Leadership is essentially nothing more than swift & responsible decision-making that in turn creates consistent action. Paul doesn’t spend a lot on products so I like to splurge and get him something good once in a while. Site: Eros Dating - Arrangement Dating Without The Drama Description: Eros is an exclusive service that connects men and women who are looking for arrangements without the drama associated with regular dating.

- Pictuure :: Pompe pas (▐▬▌) Summeer 2010 :) ▐▬▌ Ҽ L L ϑ ! I posted a picture of this cupboard the other day but I still wasn’t quite happy with it.I got my handy husband to insert some pine lining boards within the front panel to finish it off. As human beings we naturally want to feel like we are in control at all times and ‘open minded action’ essentially means taking control initially by initiating action, but letting go of only one specific result and remaining open to alternative outcomes. Interestingly, many innovation breakthroughs occurred when the innovator stopped thinking about the end result and randomly ‘stumbled upon’ a better solution (for example Einstein & relativity).

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