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There are other pitfalls too, such as safeguarding those who are more vulnerable.However most of the pitfalls are either those which are already present without the website (as I mentioned before) or they're pitfalls which any other kind of dating website would have. Look at the pitfalls, because then you can build a site which also gives advice on dating and visual impairment, and looks at other ways of providing support (or signposting support from others) to those who are looking at dating whilst visually impaired. Thank you for the support however, I'd like to add that yes, visually impaired people do face a number of problems but also the sighted world also have their own issues.

Others depending on level of sight may prefer to have guidance at all times.

Hi Neil, Well, I have now put my idea forward so lets see who can help with creating this website.

Yes, I'm a very independent visually impaired person I do get out and about a lot I love traveling, swimming, I also enjoy musicals and the theatre.

I have great ideas only required to put this into practice. Like do you get out and about to different activities, do you manage to travel around a lot?

What interests you if you're blind or partially sighted?

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Plus if blind only wish to date blind the spread of different blind people across the country must vary

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