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But after toying with some ideas, I realized this had been done so many times.

But what we rarely hear are stories from local girls.

When I was 13 years old, I traveled to Nha Trang with my family, and I remember how surprised I was to see so many Westerners!

But after the year 2000, things started to improve. More people could afford motorbikes and other luxury items.

I believe I am in a unique position to answer some of these questions.

She likely is somewhat Westernized and her parents are probably less traditional.But, in Vietnam, people are very afraid of divorce. Money is usually the number one issue in the West too. Does the government give any kind of financial support to single moms?If it happens, they usually work hard to save the marriage and try to get their partner back. Andy: What is the number one issue in the family (money, cheating, lack of intimacy, etc…) Phuong: It’s money! But do you think many Vietnamese couples can have a healthy sex life even after being married for many years? Some of the traditional girls believe the man has to do all the work in the bedroom. Also, Vietnamese people generally don’t take care of their bodies after they get married, so their partner may get turned off. Andy: Are single mothers viewed negatively in Vietnam? Phuong: On the countryside, divorce and single moms are viewed negatively.I was so happy and excited, such a memorable moment.For entertainment, the average Vietnamese family only had a simple black and white TV that mostly showed Chinese and Korean movies. And the only way to listen to music was on the radio. But I feel lucky because my childhood wasn’t heavily influenced by technology like today. In the 90s, you did not see many Westerners in Saigon.

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