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Dating turritella fossil

They are useful indicators of past environments and can be good index fossils.

The petroleum industry will analyze the foram content of the ground they want to drill in to determine whether or not to drill there.

The term 'diatomaceous earth' refers to sediment that is overwhelmingly composed of fossil diatoms.

Classification: Protista (kingdom), Heterokontophyta (phylum), Bacillariophyceae (class), Centrale/Pennale (order) All specimens on the list in Kingdom Animalia.

Classification: Protista (kingdom), Foraminifera (phylum), Granuloreticulosea (class), Foramiferida (order), Nummulitidae (family), Nummulites (genus) The name "diatom" means "cut in half".

Diatoms have been around since the lower Cretaceous.

Fusulinids are easily recognizable by their appearance- they appear to be grains of wheat.Extremely large for a foram, they can reach a diameter of six centimeters.This is an index fossil because it evolved quickly and was very widespread.They are omnivorous, eating via reticulopodia (cell extensions), which projected through pores in the test to catch small creatures.Classification: Protista (kingdom), Foraminifera (phylum), Granuloreticulosea (class), Foramiferida (order), Fusilinidae (family), Fusilinids (genus) The name "nummulites" means "little coin" in Latin.

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This page contains information about all of the specimens you need to know for the event Fossils.

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