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Doesn't matter what anyone say doesn't matter what the scary internet so called hard ppl say hidden behind there computer screens say! How'd you manage to find your way to my little profile here? Little bit about me, the aspiring writer/artist and "mystery woman" known only to you as "Kattriella".Do you ever wonder how Ellen Page likes her eggs cooked? Whether or not Sara Quin’s old cat is jealous of her new cat?Do you ever wonder how much merch Autostraddle staffers wear, really?Will poor Remy even survive college long enough to graduate? Cyber Angels Posted: February 4: 2014Status: In-Progress Rating: M (Mature)Warnings: Violence/gore, mild male/female and mild male/male romantic themes (there probably won't be a lot of explicit romance), possible fem/fem relationship in the future, mentions of an abusive relationship.

I am also a perfectionist and majorly OCD, so if you see a mistake with anything I post, and I do mean ANYTHING, even if it's just leaving out a comma or forgetting a letter in a word, don't be afraid to tell me.

His story, it seems is the typical fodder of a romantic sob story, minus the romance. Her MALE replacement, who just happens to be everything Remy has ever looked for in a boyfriend. I have several homosexual friends, all wonderful people, and it makes me angry to see them harassed, talked down to, and in general criticized just for being different.

An abusive stepfather, alcoholic mother, hateful, homophobic classmates, no real friends (or any friends, for that matter), a horrible job, and an unexplainable love of . Enter Sven Hart, the German born romance portion of Remy's sob story. Reason for Writing this Story (Yes, there is a reason behind this story besides entertainment.): I currently live in a community that can at best be described as . It prompted me to write this story as a small form of protest.

I chose her name as my pen name for this site because she has the (in my opinion) high honor of having the oldest, longest running, continually worked on series of stories of any other character I've ever created. She's managed to hold my interest for more than ten times longer than any other story or character before her.

Therefore, I thought she deserved a little recognition.

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After a terrible accident, a young man is left in a cryogenic sleep for more than two centuries, only to awaken to find that people have been buying, selling, and playing God with his body!

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