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Organic farming and gardening were not moral or environmental choices, but simply the way of life.

Organic fertilizers are an all-encompassing method that build soil structure and composition as they slowly release nutrition to the plants.

The case for utilizing non-renewable energy sources is favored by some and disfavored by environmentalists who plead for the need of renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind power. Those who are for continued development of non-renewable energy sources may have high stakes as far as profits.

Organic fertilizer contributes to soil health in the following ways: The slow and gradual release of nutrients is listed among both a pro and con of organic fertilizer use.

As an advantage, the natural release of elements means that there is a reduced risk of nutrient burn from over-fertilization.

The resulting plant growth occurs at a natural, healthy pace.

This tends to produce stronger, more stable plants than those grown at an artificially accelerated rate, theoretically producing improved taste and nutritional value at the same time.

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For a nominal upfront investment, even apartment dwellers can have their own organic worm bin composting system to feed a balcony garden.

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