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Ornelas and Ruff prepared and filed, or caused to be filed, numerous fraudulent Federal income tax returns for themselves, their family members, their friends, and others.

They knowingly placed false information on the returns to reduce the amount of tax liability or to increase the amount of the refund.

This was done to unjustly enrich himself and gain an unjust advantage over honest businesspeople who paid their taxes.

Between October and December of 2011, Hammond made numerous false representations to the IRS about his ability and intent to pay his unpaid tax liability.

When Hammond failed to pay any of his outstanding tax liability, the IRS filed a Notice of Tax Lien against him for 4,758.62 in the 19th Judicial District Court for East Baton Rouge Parish in September 2011.

From approximately October 2011 through about June 2016, Hammond corruptly endeavored to impede and obstruct the due administration of the Internal Revenue laws by making false representations to the IRS and others regarding the status of his unpaid tax liability.

Each time, Hammond persuaded the individual to then transfer a portion of the proceeds, totaling approximately ,000, to him through one of his business accounts.Subsequently, around August 2014, Hammond created a fraudulent document, which appeared to be a second withdrawal of the Federal tax lien that had been filed against Hammond in 2013.Hammond caused the fraudulent document to be filed in the 19th Judicial District Court, thereby concealing the existence of the lien from public records checks. ► TIGTA partners with the Department of Justices Elder Justice Initiative, view webinar. ► If you believe you have been a victim of an IRS Impersonation Scam, contact us. ► Downloadable IRS Scam Files: Warning Flyer, 5X8 Poster & 11X17 Poster.

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Hammond represented that he was close to securing a loan for his business and would also pay off the IRS lien in full.